Sprint 2 – Lena

Design / Illustration

This week I continued working on the visual components. I have finished the background and created three versions of the setting: day, sunrise/sunset, and night. These images will later be used for the cycle animation in the game. At first, I wasn’t sure how I would create such an animation using 2D graphics, but this week I got an idea of drawing three backgrounds and changing the opacity of each one (attached video is an example of this animation). This method is easy to implement in the code and it will not impact the performance of the installation Also, I introduced a new animal (the owl) to the scene to make the experience more realistic and engaging . The owl would be asleep during the day but when the sun goes down it will open it’s eye.



Owl and fireplace design



I animated the day – night cycle, foreground elements and the owl. Later on most animations will be exported as .png files and inserted into the code.



One of the challenges that I had was adding images into the environment. But I figured it out with Jumanah’s help.

fireplaceWood.load(“Assets/Fireplace/FirePlaceWood.png”); BgNight.load(“Assets/Background/Bg-night.png”); BgDay.load(“Assets/Background/Bg-day.png”); BgSunrise.load(“Assets/Background/Bg-sunrise.png”);

Current problem is to code the day – night transition as I would have to implement the clock() function that would change the opacity of the top layer from 100 – 0 and vise versa every two minutes. This will require more research. By next week I hope to finish all of the visuals and animations and bring the day – night cycle into the code.




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