Luk- Kinect interactions – sprint 2

Sprint two followed research into kinect libraries, and  integration with openframeworks. We decide to use Kinect v1.0, due to it being easily accessible. My first problem with the available documentation, better yet the lack of. The kinect v1.0 seems to have been forgotten along side the libraries that once supported it.

Our project is a camp fire interaction, that gets people to keep the fire alive. This is easier said than done. The users are expected to stop gust of wind, rain, and other elements. The kinect’ ability to provide tracked skeleton(s) and body silhouette(s) were to be used in tandem to make the interaction; This brought about the question of whether to include silhouette reference for the user or let the users naturally interact. Referencing many other installations, the design io Puppet Parade really worked best with users seeing the actions, no silhouette where used, creating a stronger engagement. Their application is inline with how we intended users to interact with the fire and the elements.

The kinect integration caused lots of problems on the windows at least. After looking around for supported libraries, I decide on kinect common bridge which had a enough documentation and helpful per-built functions to get skeleton, with added bonus of using the kinect SDK. Linking the library required lot’s modification to work, to avoid compiling errors for mainly missing KinectCommonbridge.lib. Below is a link fix added to the Linker, additional directories within visual studio.


The skeleton was simple to visualize in quick demo, I still need a function to sort and grab desired skeleton bones. The current built in function returns an array of the skeleton bones. Using my brother as model, the demo shows the skeleton positioned over the kinect depth camera video.


Next sprint we aim to have individual tracked skeleton bone, that can interact with particles.




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