Sprint 3 – Lena


This week I was working a day – night cycle animation with the code. I placed night image in front of the day image and slowly changed the transparency of the night image from 0 t 255, creating an illusion of day end and the beginning of the night.

Also, I animated the owl so it opens it’s eyes during the night and closes it during the day.

Furthermore, I worked on adding a background music to the installation to provide a more interesting experience for the participants.

One of the challenges I had was creating the day-night animation because open frameworks don’t have a lot of information on how to change opacity of the image over time.

Next week I am planning on integrating the foreground animation. In order to do that I will export animated elements as png files and insert them inside a loop that would create the foreground motion. Also, I am planning on changing the counter because it resets to 0 every 6000 frames


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