Jumanah blog for Sprint 4

During this print I attempted to have wind and rain interacting with the fire, which did not go so well. My idea was to get the position of the rain particle and the fire particle and use the distance formula, and if they were close enough I would “destroy” both particles, but at this point in time only the rain particles disappear when close to the fire.

for (int i=0; i<mRainParticles.size(); i++){ mRainParticles.at(i).render(); float d = ofDist(mRainParticles.at(i).position.x, mRainParticles.at(i).position.y, 400.0f, 670.0f); if (d < 200) { mRainParticles.erase(mRainParticles.begin() + i); for (int j=0; j<mParticles.size(); j++){ cout << “NOT WORKING”; float d2 = ofDist(mParticles.at(j).position.x, mParticles.at(j).position.y, mRainParticles.at(i).position.x, mRainParticles.at(i).position.y); if (d2 < 200) { mParticles.erase(mParticles.begin() + j);



As seen now the rain doesn’t go over the fire and erases properly when near, but what I was hoping to have this sprint was the fire slowly dying from the rain did not work. I will need to regroup with the team and the prof to see why I cannot check for collisions in a double for loop.

Other than that, we worked on getting our Github repository up and running however since the project was compiled with Kinect on Microsoft Visual Studio and I use XCode, so I could not compile it on my machine which caused some delays. Our team works remotely so we could not get much done this sprint.

Next sprint we will need to figure out a way to use MS Visual studio or xcode projects consistently across all team members so we can use git effectively to merge code. This caused a huge hindrance to our tasks. Will also need to look into puppet mapping for the skeleton on Kinect. A good reference. http://sarthakahuja.org/public/docs/report_kinect.pdf

Lots of catching up to do next week!






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