Sprint 4 – Lena

This week I was trying to animate the branches in the foreground. At first I made an attempt to animate each branch individually but shortly I realized that that would take a lot of space and time, so I decided to export all branches on the same layer and create a sequence animation.


But I was having trouble creating a sequence animation in the code. I would have to fix this in the next sprint.

stringstream nameBuilder; for (unsigned i = 0; i < 23; i++){ nameBuilder << “fg_” << i << “.png”; foregroundCount ofEnableAlphaBlending(); foreground.draw(0,0,1024,768); //———– ofDisableAlphaBlending(); //foreground[i].load(“Assets/foreground-anim/fg_” + ofToString(i) + “.png”); //skin[i].loadmage(nameBuilder.str()); nameBuilder.str(“”); } */

Next sprint our team would have to decide if we will be using a Skeleton Puppet Mapping if so we would have to do more research on this topic and create sketches.


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