Sprint 5 – Lena


This week I was working the puppet design for the kinect skeleton. To stay assistant with the theme we decided to go with the camping theme and I created two versions of Bigfoot silhouettes. The fist one is cartoon like and the second one is more realistic. During the sprint meeting on Friday, team will decide which puppet will look the best with the environment. I have also designed images used for the particles – rain, fire, and wind.

I have worked on the xCode from the last sprint that Jumanah provided me with because our group is is still in the progress of adding and changing libraries.

Also,  I have perfected day-night transition animation. Before, transition only changed through a 255 frame period, now that period can be any number. Also, before it was day-night transition which I changed into day-sunset-night transition.

if (timer < NIGHT+MORNING_PART_1){

        imgAlpha = 255-(timerNIGHT)*256/MORNING_PART_1;


    //transition from sunset to day

    else if (timer < NIGHT+MORNING_PART_1+MORNING_PART_2){

        imgAlpha = 0;

        imgAlpha2 = 255-(timer-(NIGHT+MORNING_PART_1))*256/MORNING_PART_2;


In addition I worked on the foreground animation. Last sprint I was having trouble animating branches because I was loading all branches as a sequence of images this way wold have  not worked if we decided to implement user interaction later on. Therefore, for this sprint I have decided to take a different approach and individually load each branch to the scene and animate it using code.

Next sprint we will be adding custom images to particles and finishing most of the particles such as fireflies and wind. Start mapping the Bigfoot to the skeleton of the participant and we will start on the interaction between the user and the environment.



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