Luk-Sprint 6

This sprint we focused on taking Kinect skeleton points and applying to the 2D puppet, along with fix animation and element interaction.
This Kinect driven puppet was done by taking joint position and getting 2D angle between each point, and applying the puppet. I found one problem when it came to certain angle not being transferred properly.

float tracker::getAngle(ofVec2f a, ofVec2f b, float startAngle) {
float ang = PI/2 + atan((a.y - b.y) / (a.x - b.x));
if (b.x > a.x)
ang -= PI;
return ofRadToDeg(ang)+ startAngle;//returns angle between to joint points in degrees

Work around this was to have offset angle,that can over correct the initial. I want to looking into a better way to fix this and get more accurate angles.


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