Jumanah – Sprint 8

During this sprint I worked on having the wind put out the fire and introducing an obstacle for running out of fire wood… which would effectively also put out the fire.


The first thing I did was create an outWood bool variable, which would control if we draw the wood on the screen.

if (outWood == false) {
fireplaceWood.draw(400, 670, 200, 79);



The second thing I did was add it as an obstacle type. It is incomplete as Luk needs to perform a user interaction and wood will need to drop for the outWood variable to be set back to False. Right now this is just a placeholder.
else if (obstacleType == 4) { //Running out wood

if (timer < obstacleTimer) {

obstacleB = true;
outWood = true; //we wont draw the wood
cout << “Please

restock your wood” << outWood ;

else if (timer == obstacleTimer) {

//time for a new obstacle
outWood = false;  //this will draw the wood again, but

realistically.. the user should perform an interaction to replace the wood.
obstacleB = false;



The last thing I worked on was not adding fire particles when wind or out of wood condition exists.
if (w == 0) { //sprint 8 if no wind and theres rain 😉
fire.addParticles(7 * (1 – r), X*(1 – r),

Y*(1 – r), lifeOffset*(1 – r), PARTICLE_STATE_FIRE); //add new particles

if (fire.returnSize


fire.addParticles(7 * (1), X*(1), Y*(1), lifeOffset*(1),

else if (w > 1) { // if wind exists..
//dont add fire



3 files modified



For next sprint our plans are to refine animations within the environment and work only on user interactions with Kinect, now that our environment and obstacles are up and running. Spare wood will also be needed to be added to the scene when the firewoods health goes down.





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