Lena – Sprint 8

This sprint I finished the bear animation and brought it into the code. Last sprint I had trouble loading my image sequence that I animated in After Effects, this week I fixed the problem and created a successful animation. Also, fixed the owl code as it stopped working after adding the day-night transition last sprint. Furthermore, in order to make transition from Xcode to Visual Studio I worked on combining Jumanah’s code with mine because we have been working on two separate projects.

In addition, I fixed the Bigfoot images because images looked broken where legs and arms bend, in order to fix it I rounded edges of joining parts.  bigF.png

Also, I found and downloaded audio for day, night, bear, rain, and wind, which I later trimmed as the original audio was very long.

Next sprint our team is planning on working on interactions, the problem we might face is the lack of Kinect. We only have one Kinect and that could be a problem because at this stage each member has to constantly check their code.


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