Sprint 9 – Lena

During this sprint I resized dimensions of the screen and moved branches and the awl to the new positions. Also, I created multiple clouds that would be animated before the rain starts, indicating weather change. cloud2 Also, I got to work with Kinect to create interaction between the user and a branch. The idea is to rotate the branch back and forth multiple times when the user makes contact with it. Current problem is that the branch is an image, therefore the user might touch part of the image but not the branch itself.

Plan for next sprint is to just work on existing interactions and polish everything up so the installation would be ready for the final presentation.

if (distB < 20) {
if (rv.x <= users2.a_l_armln.x && rv.x >= users2.b_l_armln.x) {//left arm

if (branchDir == UP) {
branchAngle = branchAngle + 0.3;
if (branchAngle >= 10) {
branchDir = DOWN;
if (branchDir == DOWN) {
branchAngle = branchAngle – 0.3;
if (branchAngle <= -10) {
branchDir = UP;


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